March Spotlight

The views expressed in this article are my own and not those of my employer Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Intercept Pharmaceuticals and the Intercept Logo are registered trademarks of Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

From helping re-launch one of the top-selling children’s toys back in 2014 to his current position as Associate Product Manager for Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Adam Remiszewski has worked in just about every aspect of the marketing field. Although new to the pharmaceutical world, Adam has worked on several pharmaceutical product launches from the creative agency side in the past, including the launches of two different diabetes products and the launch of a different product in the rare disease space. Currently, he manages a wide variety of tasks and processes for Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

In 2016, Adam contracted with InTouchMD to help improve the marketing outreach for Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He remembers his first meeting with Ryan and Adam with good humor. “They came into the old office space in suits while I was sitting in jeans and a button down. My first impression was - these guys work in sales for sure!” he laughed. Then, when asked why he chose InTouchMD over other vendors, Adam answered, “Urgency. If there’s an issue or something needs to get done right away, it always gets done on time.”

At InTouchMD, urgency plays a big role in what we do because we know that competition is steep and quick action is necessary if you want to stay ahead. We don’t stop until we deliver the results our clients, like Adam and the team at Intercept, expect and deserve. Thanks for choosing InTouchMD, Adam. We’re proud to be working with you and we look forward to helping you further your customer profiling to deliver more targeted messaging to your customers in 2017.