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Healthcare Data Services

Looking for patient & physician data?

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InTouchMD boasts a wide-ranging selection of data and analytics services designed with just one objective: to help our clients make better decisions. InTouchMD's data management services can give you a hand in building high-value customer relationships and smarter marketing campaigns. Armed with a stronger statistical understanding of who your customers are, you can definitely start to move the needle on sales and results.

Advanced analytics. Detailed customer profiling.
Intensive data and market research.

They're the main pillars of InTouchMD's predictive modeling. And, collectively, they give you a surround sound perspective on your customer. How does it work? First, we qualify leads by monitoring their digital body language and verifying their intentions. From there, we translate this data and provide you with a lead scoring report. In the report, we detail and rank prospective customers according to their likelihood to buy. By tapping into the most relevant data, you can leverage your buying power while conserving your two most precious resources: time and money.

big data

There's no getting around it.
We have a thing for big data.

Some call us sticklers, but we're just being thorough. The way our clients see it, our thoroughness (and a little bit of compulsiveness, we admit) is a big plus. It's what helps us manage their data with more accuracy than you ever imagined. To us, the accuracy of our data services is everything. Why? Because successful pharma-marketing efforts and higher ROIs are never far behind. Let us collect, organize and manage all of your client data. That way, you can focus on what drives you.

case study

"How we accomplished success"

This opportunity helped InTouchMD establish an ongoing relationship that provided tremendous growth for both companies involved