Single Source Multi-Channel Marketing.

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Multi-Channel Marketing Pharma

Welcome to the Here and Now.

Gone are the days of working with endless vendors to perform an outreach campaign. Sure, running your business takes plenty of time. But so does contacting doctors’ offices and other potential clients in the fast-moving healthcare field. Enter InTouchMD’s single source Multi-Channel Contact Center Support services. From the word go, we handle every item on your communication outreach wish list. We’ll contact your clients via phone, video chat, web chat, direct mail, email fax or a combination of each. How’s that for staying in touch?

Meet our Multi-Channel services:

We Give Your Brand a Consistent Voice.

The seasoned professionals who fill our multi-channel contact centers have a core mission: to guarantee that your brand’s voice comes across loud and clear in every channel. And they do it with relentless passion and an energy level that’s off the charts. It doesn’t really matter which channel your customer chooses to engage your brand. Our approach is uncompromisingly constant. It all comes down cultivating brand loyalty through the repeated reinforcement of your brand image.

Thanks to our internal email deployment platform, we can take inbox delivery to the next level. Our healthcare-focused email platform offers a crystal-clear, bird’s eye view with all metrics. We don’t just press the send button. We provide a consultative approach on design, subject lines and beyond.
Let’s be direct. InTouchMD can help you design, print and deploy your direct mail campaign in multiple waves to patients or HCPs. This means we can leverage our volume discounts—whether it’s postage or printing—and pass the savings right to you. The result? Budget bliss.
Hello? Who said the phone is dead? It’s a still-powerful channel with a personal touch. To help you make the most of it, our dynamic team of HIPPA-trained agents—comprised of everyone from college graduates to HCPs—are standing by, day or night. Together, they offer just the right support for your campaigns. Need to perform tele-surveys or tele-detailing to give doctors advance info about your products? Perfect. Just dial us up.
All of our HIPPA-trained tele agents are supremely qualified to respond to web chat, providing an extra layer of availability. So don’t forget: we’re only a web chat away.
Display advertising that works. It’s a big part of why we’re here. Want to improve your IP targeting with UTM codes? Join the revolution—with the only one-to-one 100% cookie-free IP targeting solution. Our must-have, proprietary solution uses offline data, which is verified and dramatically reduces the potential of non-human-bot traffic. We’re basically the world’s most powerful digital postman.
Still relevant? You betcha. With a potent call to action, fax communication can yield a response rate between 5% to 7%—which goes to show that the age of the Fax hasn’t yet gone the way of the T-Rex. When it comes to fax broadcasting, InTouchMD’s team of experts ensures that best practices are followed to a T. The bottom line? If you have a critical message that simply must be heard, that little piece of paper cannot be ignored.
Want to put together an adherence-building patient reminder program? What about getting target HCPs to explore your trade show booth? InTouchMD can make it happen. How? Just look around. Smartphones are everywhere. And so are the marketing opportunities. Text message marketing is a hyper-focused way to jump in front of your audience. TTYL.
Social media. It’s not just for making friends and sharing photos anymore. Social media has grown up into a full-fledged, not-to-be-missed marketing vehicle—one that drives how businesses engage customers and clients. Simple and affordable, it’s also undeniably powerful. And best of all, it reaches your target instantly through the avenues they use most. Even so, there are just a handful of healthcare companies savvy enough to take full advantage of social media. That’s why InTouchMD has positioned itself as a pioneer in Social Media Management and Engagement services for today’s healthcare market. Our groundbreaking services can take you further by delivering the goods—greater exposure and impressive results—while making sure your reputation is never less than stellar.
Service-Based Programs

Get with the Patient Adherence Program.

It’s a simple fact of healthcare. Patients must use products according to specific instructions. If they don’t, results won’t measure up. Neither will your clients’ sales. At InTouchMD, we offer targeted tactics to tackle this challenge head on. From text message refill reminders to pharmacy script tracking to appointment reminder calls, we help the patients of your clients adhere to the specifications of each product—which happens to be a great prescription for positive health outcomes.

KOL Is King: Key Opinion Leader Events & Invite Scheduling.

Now more than ever, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) have a huge influence on the pharmaceutical industry landscape. They play an integral role in everything from identifying R&D trends to helping patients stay on top of the latest treatments. So it’s easy to see why holding Key Opinion Leader events can help your company identify, monitor and engage with stakeholders for your products. It’s another (really smart) way to gain a competitive edge in your market.

To that end, InTouchMD provides integrated services that are tailored to help pharmaceutical companies build lucrative, long-lasting relationships with Key Opinion Leaders. Let’s get started...

Breaking the Ice: Sales Territory Warming and Appointment Setting.

Let’s face it. Most people aren’t fans of cold calling potential clients. But InTouchMD’s sales territory warming gurus aren’t “most people.” Far from it. We help you break into—and get noticed in—the sales territories that can fuel your business. And we do all this behind the scenes, while you focus on what you do best: running your business.

With our Sales Territory Warming services, we’ll reach out to doctors and qualify leads so your marketing visits will deliver higher yields. We’ll even set and confirm upcoming appointments so your clients will know exactly when you’ll be dropping by. Now that’s a load off your shoulders—and a phenomenal way to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

Success Spoken Here:
Harness the Hispanic Market.

Maximizar sus oportunidades de negocio con InTouchMD. Well said. With InTouchMD, business opportunity is bilingual. That’s because we offer Spanish speaking tele-detail services that empower you to serve this vital segment of the population. Heck, it doesn’t matter if you struggled to pass high school Spanish. Let InTouchMD’s deliver your message to this fast-growing audience—so you can capitalize on every possible sales opportunity.

Survey Says...

If there’s one truism that’s stood the test of time, it’s information is power. In the halls of InTouchMD, we take that to heart. Want proof? Look no further than our highly-targeted surveys. They give you the insights you need to make informed, market-moving decisions—the kind that can put your company on the map. All you need to do is tell us who your target is and what you want to know. Our take-charge survey specialists will do the rest.