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The Power of Pulse Platform

Pulse is an epic combination of Marketing Automation and Healthcare CRM.

Pulse allows users to engage with their target market on an up-close-and-personal level. You see, the days of "spray and pray"—indiscriminately delivering the same engagement cadence to an entire list—are long over. Pulse is all about marketing to each of your customers individually, based on a one-of-a-kind predictive model. No doubt about it.

Pulse Has Moved to the Head of the Class.

It's the high-functioning brain behind all of our marketing efforts. Need more evidence? Just consider the uber-efficient segmenting function within Pulse. By combining targets that have like tendencies, you can integrate them into a campaign that caters to their preferred channel of contact, ideal time to connect and relevant content. It all adds up to ZERO WASTE. Isn't it time to get your Pulse on?

Pulse Marketing Automation

Looking To Market Smarter?

We built Pulse because healthcare needed a marketing automation platform that spoke to healthcare – not some off the rack general solution that applies to every industry. Pulse was created by people that understand the small window and highly targeted approach required to reach a patient or physician. Best of all, it’s custom built so no two Pulses are the same.

Why Pulse?
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"How we accomplished success"

This opportunity helped InTouchMD establish an ongoing relationship that provided tremendous growth for both companies involved