May Spotlight

When it comes to professionalism in one’s line of work, we here at InTouchMD look to Anthony Page. Anthony is a consummate professional and one of those individuals who is capable of making an immediate and positive impact on whatever project he takes on. A native of Long Island and a graduate of DeVry University, Anthony has been mastering his skills in account/project management for over 12 years and that level of experience and dedication shows in everything he does. His recent seamless implementation of InTouchMD’s SCRUM process is just one example of his capabilities. But more than anything else, Anthony is a master at providing each of our clients with the world-class experience they deserve. We can say with complete confidence that without Anthony Page on our team, InTouchMD wouldn’t have the same reputation and level of success that we enjoy today.

It is for these reasons why Anthony is being featured in this month’s Employee Spotlight. Anthony’s passion for his profession and his family are the driving forces in his life. When he was young and known by the nickname “Juice” around town, Anthony was most inspired by his grandfather. He was taught at an early age that caring for others is a primary responsibility of being a man and that’s a lesson that Anthony continues to adhere to today. In fact, if Anthony won $10 million in the lottery, the first things he would do would be “to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and help provide children with the education they need but can’t afford.” In addition, if he was offered the chance to visit the future or the past, Anthony says he would definitely choose to visit the future. Why? Because according to Anthony, he would be more interested in seeing “how the future will be impacted by the people I influenced and decisions I made to help change the lives of those close to me.” With an attitude like that, it’s no wonder why Anthony is such a star here at InTouchMD and we couldn’t be happier that he chose to become a part of our family. Thank you for all you do, Anthony!